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Top 10 Best Caves To Explore In Tennessee

By admin | October 23, 2012
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Cave explorations are fun filled adventures not only for the family, but for the solo explorer as well. With caves locations interspersed throughout the world, no two adventures are the same. Below are listed the 10 best caves to explore while in the state of Tennessee.

Higgenbotham’s Revenge- A four hour venture filled with some of the most amazing ladders ever to be found in a cave.

Raccoon Mt. Caverns- In excess of five miles of charted, explored, and award winning territory.

The Lost Sea- Housed in the Smokies, this nationally rated cave system contains the largest underground lake in America, complete with a recreated village.

What Waits Below- An overnight excursion that is completely bug free with comfortable climates allowing for year-round camping.

All Around The Mountain- Bubble Gum Alley and the Volcano Room are just two of the sights offered on this overnight adventure.

Tuckaleechee Caverns- A 20 million year old cave system, complete with waterfalls.

Ruby Falls- Waterfalls highlight the most frequented of underground falls.

Parts Unknown- Four hours of ladders, ropes and tall climbs await you.

Rocky Topper- The ideal trek for first time cave explorers.

Forbidden Caverns- Towering chimneys and crystal clear waters are abundant.

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