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How Many Caves Have Been Discovered In Tennessee?

By admin | October 25, 2012
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Beneath the surface underground is a world filled with albino white crabs, glowing worms, and blind Salamanders, stalactites and stalagmites, and large, moving fungi that live off hydrogen. This may sound like a magical kingdom, it isn’t; you can find all of these things and more when you head out into the wilderness of Tennessee, and go caving.

No one knows how many caves exist on the planet. The reason for this is there are many caves that are undiscovered, unexplored, or half-explored. Think of how many amazing, undiscovered creatures, and species are in those caves.

In the great state of Tennessee, there are 8,600 caves for cavers to explore. Caving used to be viewed as an extreme sport, but thanks to store carrying caving gear and equipment, more people are trying their hand at this exciting outdoor sport. Cave enthusiasts enjoy caving for the exercise, the thrill of being outdoors, or finding new and exciting animals to take pictures of, in these underground wonderlands.

There are some risks when exploring caves, people can fall victim to hypothermia, falling rocks can lead to injury or block passages. Use the buddy system and always take precaution when trying a new sport.

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